Want to Start Bird-Watching in the Eliot, ME Area?

Shop for bird feeders, birdhouses and bird feed at Eliot Agway

One of the best hobbies you can enjoy with your kids, especially when it turns cold outside, is backyard birding. Stop by Eliot Agway and pick out one of our locally handmade bird feeders. Then fill it with seed and watch as the birds come swooping in to dine in your Eliot, Maine backyard.

We have bird feed and supplies worth tweeting about in Eliot, ME

If you have a fascination with birds, Eliot Agway is the place for you. We have:

  • Over 100 varieties of bird feeders and birdhouses
  • 20 different types of bird seed
  • Specific food for a variety of different types of birds

Grab a bird feeder and some seeds and start bird-watching today. If you have any questions about our supplies, call Eliot Agway at 207-200-4392.